Sessions wise agenda

30th November, 2015
Time (IST)
Session-04 (Boundary current dynamics, upwelling variability and ecosystem impacts)
Chair: Mike Roberts
14:00-14:15The Leeuwin Current and Ningaloo Niño
- Ming Feng*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0031)
14:15-14:30Observed intraseasonal variations in the South Java Current
- Huiwu Wang*, Weidong Yu, Agus Setiawan

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0041)
14:30-14:45Boundary current and eddies characteristics in north-central Red Sea.
- Nikolaos Zarokanellos*, Burton Jones

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0024)
14:45-15:00Quantifying the seasonal changes linked to major currents along the Eastern African Coast
- Harrison Ong'anda*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0016)
- Prof Ntahondi NYANDWI*, Mr D. S. Mukaka

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0029)
15:15-15:30The shallow circulation in the upper layer of the south Indian Ocean
- Will P.M. de Ruijter*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0015)
15:30-16:00Tea Break
16:00-16:15SAMOC-SA Monitoring the Greater Agulhas Current system: Opportunities and Challenges
- Isabelle Ansorge*, Marcel van den Berg, Mike Roberts, Sabrina Speich, Thierry Terre

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0034)
16:15:16:30Biogeochemical and Ecological Impacts of Boundary Currents in the Indian Ocean
- Raleigh R. Hood*, Lynnath E. Beckley, Jerry D. Wiggert

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0028)
16:30-16:45Dissolved iron in the Indian Ocean
- Venkatesh Chinni*, Sunil Kumar Singh, Ravi Bhushan, R. Rengarajan

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0020)
16:45-17:00How do eddies modulate the biogeochemical response in the Arabian sea?
- Marina Levy*, Laure Resplandy

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0006)
17:00-17:15Observational study on Eastern Indian Ocean Upwelling and Indian Ocean Dipole
- Iwao Ueki*, Takanori Horii, Kentaro Ando

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0025)
17:15-17:30Biological oceanography of the Leeuwin Current, SE Indian Ocean
- Lynnath E. Beckley*, David Holliday, Alicia Sutton, Pearse Buchanan, Peter A. Thompson

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0021)
17:30-17:45MESOBIO: Mesoscale dynamics and ecosystem responses in the Mozambique Channel
- TERNON Jean-François*, MARSAC Francis, BARLOW Raymond G., MENARD Frédéric, ROBERTS Michael J.

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0044)
17:45-18:00Seabirds suggest long-term change in ecosystems around the South Indian Ocean
- Robert JM Crawford*, Michael J Roberts, Matthieu le Corre

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0001)
Poster presentations
Dynamics of the turbidity maximum zone in a shallow, well-flushed Estuary in Kenya
- Dr. Johnson U. Kitheka*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-03-0001)
Analysis of Coastal Upwelling at the north of Gulf of Guinea from operational model and observations.
- Bernard BOURLES*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0003)
Remotely-sensed phytoplankton size structure in the South-Western Indian Ocean
- R Barlow*, R Brewin

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0004)
Cross-shelf transport, oxygen depletion and nitrate release within a forming mesoscale eddy in the Eastern Indian Ocean
- Anya M. Waite*, Lionel Guidi, Peter Thompson

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0005)
The upper Bay of Bengal salinity structure in a high-resolution model
- Rachid BENSHILA*, Fabien DURAND, Sebastien MASSON, Romain BOURDALLE-BADIE, Clement de BOYER MONTEGUT, Fabrice PAPA, Gurvan MADEC

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0007)
Potential impact of sub-mesoscale upwelling on phytoplankton production along an oligotrophic boundary current
- James Greenwood*, Chaojiao Sun, Richard Matear, James McLaughlin

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0009)
Eddies deepen suboxia and reduce denitrification in the Arabian Sea
- Zouhair Lachkar*, Shafer Smith

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0010)
Mesoscale interactions and biological fronts across the Agulhas Current: First Results from ASCA
- Tamaryn Morris*, Juliet Hermes, Geert-Jan Brummer, Leandro Ponsoni, Marjolaine Krug, Lisa Beal, Shane Elipot, Mike Roberts, Jenny Huggett, Tarron Lamont

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0011)
Satellite-Based Coastal Upwelling Variability South Madagascar
- Heriniaina Juliano Dani RAMANANTSOA*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0012)
Impact of the Indonesian Throughflow on Agulhas leakage
- Dewi le Bars, Henk A. Dijkstra *, Will P. M. de Ruijter

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0013)
Modeling potential connectivity among coral reefs in the Kenyan-Tanzanian region of the Western Indian Ocean
- Harold (Hal) P. Batchelder*, C.G. (Gaby) Mayorga Adame

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0014)
Interseasonal variability in the Sea of Oman: a year long glider occupation
- Bastien Y. Queste*, Sergey A. Piontkovsky, Karen J. Heywood

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0017)
Mechanisms controlling the oxycline variability along the West Coast of India at interannual time scale: A modeling approach
- V. Parvathi*, I. Suresh, S. Neetu, M. Afroosa

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0018)
Surface circulation and upwelling patterns around Sri Lanka and formation of the Sri Lanka dome
- Charitha Pattiaratchi*, Saratha Wijeratne, Danielle Su

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0019)
Geostrophic currents in Maputo Bay, Mozambique Channel
- Clousa Maueua Chevane*, Sinibaldo Canhanga

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0022)
Ecohydrographic constrains of planktonic food web configuration in the Red Sea
- Benjamin Kürten*, Ali M. Al-Aidaroos, Saskia Kürten, Ulrich Struck, Thomas Hansen, Mohsen M. El-Sherbiny, Reny Devassy, Ulrich Sommer, Nikolaos Zarokanellos, Burton Harold Jones

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0023)
'S' shaped through-flow across the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Bay
- K. Sudheesh*, M.T. Babu, V. Sanilkumar, P. Vethamony

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0027)
WDO based FIR low pass filter for denoising Acoustic signals in Underwater Scenario

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0030)
Implementation of robust de-noising using Wilcoxon based adaptive filtering techniques in underwater application
- Ms P.Devi Sowjanya*, Dr Kusuma Kumari Cheepurupalli, Mr. A.Vamsee Krishna

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0032)
Impact of the Vertical Resolution in an Ocean General Circulation Model on the Simulation of the East India Coastal Current
- A. Mukherjee*, P. A. Francis, A. Chatterjee, K. Chakraborty, A. Paul

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0033)
Surface and subsurface chlorophyll-a variability in the Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge
- Dilmahamod Fehmi*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0035)
Characteristics, vertical structures and heat/salt transports of mesoscale eddies in the Southeastern Tropical Indian Ocean
- Guang Yang*, Weidong Yu, Yeli Yuan

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0036)
Harmonic Analysis of HF radar derived Ocean Currents in Northwestern Bay of Bengal
- Sourav Sil*, T. Murty, D. Swain

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0037)
Modelling the seasonality of Chlorophyll over the southwestern Indian shelf using ROMS
- Kunal Chakraborty*, G.V.M.Gupta, Satya Prakash, Abhisek Chatterjee, Aneesh Lotliker

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0038)
WDO based FIR low pass filter for denoising Acoustic signals in Underwater Scenario

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0039)
Horizontal and vertical distribution patterns of mesopelagic fish larvae in the Indian Ocean: Influence of the Leeuwin and Agulhas Currents.
- M. Pilar Olivar*, Lynnath Beckley

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0040)
Thermocline Regulated Seasonal Evolution of Surface Chlorophyll in the Gulf of Aden
- Fengchao Yao*, Ibrahim Hoteit

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0042)
Upwelling tendency of the isotherms on the surface layer along the Kerala coast
- N.SRINIVASARAO*, Krishnapriya M, Geetha G

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0043)
MADRIDGE: a Regional Upwelling Project in the Western Indian Ocean (IIOE2)
- TERNON Jean-François*, ROBERTS Michael J., MARSAC Francis, SAMAAI Toufiek, HUGGETT Jenny, LAMONT Tarron, BOUCHET Philippe

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0045)
Diagnosis of the Mechanism of SST Seasonal Cycle South of Java
- Yongliang Duan*, Weidong Yu*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0046)
Study of Pulicat Lake Mouth, East Coast of India: A Remote Sensing Approach
- K. Nagalakshmii*, Dr. N. Jayaraju, Dr.T. Palahniui Prasad, G.Sreenivasulu*, B.Lakshmanna*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0047)
Bio-Argo floats reveal subsurface structure of southeast Indian Ocean eddies
- Helen Phillips*, Peter Strutton , Tom Trull, Earl Duran, Sylvia Pump

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0048)
What decides the zonal scale of buoyancy forced Eastern Boundary Currents in the absence of wind forcing?
- Suyash Bire*, Christopher Wolfe

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0049)
Vertical structure of tidal and residual currents in the Laccadive sea through field observation
- Dr K Rajith*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0050)
Spatial and temporal variations of infaunal macrobenthic communities along the coastal waters of off-Kochi
- Naidu, SA*, Kumara Swami, M, Rao, GD, Siva Sankar, R, Vishnuvardhan, K, Rao, VD

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0051)
Application of wind-forced coastal-trapped-wave theory to the central west coast of India
- Amol P*, Fernando V, Pednekar P, Jai Singh

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0052)
Mechanisms of SST interannual variability in the Somalia upwelling region
- C. de Boyer Montegut*, J. Vialard, F. Durand, T. Izumo, J.-J. Luo, S. Masson, G. Madec, T. Yamagata

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-04-0053)
Upper Ocean cabon export in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal using 234Th/238U and 210Po/210Pb disequilibria
- S. Subha Anand*, R. Rengarajan, Mangesh Gauns, Damodar Shenoy

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0050)
Particle-reactive radionuclides (234Th, 210Pb, 210Po) as tracers for the estimation of POC export fluxes in the North Indian Ocean: Results from GEOTRACES study
- R. Rengarajan*, S. Subha Anand

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0051)