Sessions wise agenda

1st December, 2015
Time (IST)
Session-06 (Monsoon variability and ecosystem response)
Chair: Trevor Platt
13:45-14:00Effects of deposits distribution pattern on sediment Organic Matter characteristics of the Bay of Bengal along Chittagong coast, Bangladesh
- Avijit Talukder*, Debbrota Mallick*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0010)
14:00-14:15Monsoonal Physical-Biogeochemical Interaction Linkages in the Arabian Sea: Climate Trend or Decadal Variablity?
- Jerry Wiggert*, Birgit Gaye, Tim Rixen

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0009)
14:15-14:30Do Middle-East dust affect rainwater composition and sensitive ecosystems over India?
- V Ramaswamy*, P.M. Muraleedharan, Prakash Babu

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0022)
14:30-14:45Impact of Chlorophyll on SST,MLD,SSS and surface Currents in the Tropical Indian Ocean using NEMO simulations
- Anitha Gera*, Mitra A K, Mohapatra D K, Imran Ali, Rajagopal E N

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0017)
14:45-15:00Seasonality persuades mesozooplankton vertical migration in the Western Bay of Bengal
- Jasmine Purushothaman*, Muraleedharan K.R, Rakhesh Madhusoodhanan, Jayalakshmi K.V, Saramma U Pannampunnayil, C.T. Achuthankutty

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0023)
15:00-15:15Changing productivity trend in the Arabian Sea
- Prince Prakash*, Satya Prakash, M. Ravichandran

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0019)
15:15-15:30A coupled physical biological model of the north Indian Ocean
- V. Vijith*, P. N. Vinayachandran, S. Sreeja

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0018)
15:30-15:45Shift in size structure of plankton off Alappuzha, southwest coast of India, associated with upwelling and mud bank events during the Southwest Monsoon
- Karnan, C*, Jyothibabu, R, Madhu, N.V, Balachandran, K.K, Pandiarajan, R.S, Anjusha, A

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-05-0044)
15:45-16:00Tea Break
16:00-16:15Indian monsoon evolution associated with Himalayan uplift and climate change over the past 30 Myr: records from ODP Site 758 in the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean
- Sajid Ali*, Ed C. Hathorne, Martin Frank

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0021)
16:15-16:30Seasonal variability in physicochemical and biological parameters in Pondicherry coastal waters
- MD Bharathi*, S. Sundaramoorthy , Sivaji Patra , P. Madeswaran

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0013)
16:30-16:45Seasonal variability of bacterioplankton and autotrophic picoplankton along the Southeastern Arabian Sea (SEAS)
- Jabir Thajudeen*, Sudheesh V, Jesmi Yousuf, Gupta GVM, Mohamed Hatha*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0056)
16:45-17:00Climatic influence on the terrestrial and marine organic carbon fluxes in the marine realm: A study from the Mahanadi basin offshore
- Aninda Mazumdar*, R. Da Silva, R. K. Joshi, M.A. Carvalho, A. Shaji,, P.Mahalakshmi, B.G. Naik

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0004)
17:00-17:15Export versus recycling, the response of the organic carbon pump to changes in monsoon strength
- Rixen, T.*, Gaye, B., Ramaswamy, V.

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0005)
17:15-17:30De-oxygenation and Noctiluca bloom
- Satya Prakash*, Rajdeep Roy, Aneesh Lotliker

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0011)
17:30-17:45Does bottom water oxygen concentration affect aragonite compensation depth in the southeastern Arabian Sea?
- Dharmendra Pratap Singh*, R. Saraswat, R. Nigam, D. K. Naik

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0003)
17:45-18:00Monsoon Teleconnection with Precipitation over Iran and its Variability
- Dr. Mahboubeh Molavi-Arabshahi*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0015)
18:00-18:15Influence of environmental, biological and climate variables on the migration of Hilsa fish in northwestern Bay of Bengal
- Sourav Maity*, T. Srinivasa Kumar, M. Nagaraja Kumar, Sugata Hazra

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0020)
18:15-18:30Assessing the suitability of benthic foraminiferal morpho-groups to reconstruct past monsoon from the Bay of Bengal
- Manasa M*, Rajeev Saraswat, Rajiv Nigam

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0008)
12:30-13:15 & 18:00-18:30
Poster presentations
Natural isotopic composition of particulate organic nitrogen in the eastern and central Arabian Sea
- Naveen Gandhi*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0001)
Complex interplay of physical forcing and Prochlorococcus population in Ocean
- Rajdeep Roy*, A C Anil

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0002)
Biodiversity of benthic polychaetes from a shallow tropical bay, Bay of Bengal, India
- Dr. Mosuru Srinivasa Rao*, Dr. C. Annapurna, K. Chandra Rao, M. Sirisha

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0006)
The southern border of the upper OMZ in the central Arabian Sea
- Prof. Karl BANSE*, James R. Postel

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0007)
Evaluation of CORDEX RCMs in simulation of northward and eastward propagation of the Indian Summer Monsoon
- Swati Singh*, Subimal Ghosh

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0014)
Effect of Iron limitation on Primary Productivity and Carbon Flux in the Arabian Sea using a 3-D Biogeochemical Model
- M.K.Shelva Srinivasan*, C Kalyani Devasena, P S Swathi, M.K.Sharada, M.V.Sundara Deepthi

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0024)
Ecology and distribution of Asterorotalia sp. from the western Bay of Bengal
- Thejasino Suokhrie*, Manasa M., S.M. Saalim, R. Saraswat, R. Nigam

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0025)
Boreal summer diapycnal nutrient flux in the Seychelles-Chagos thermocline ridge
- Jenson V George*, D. Rajasekhar, N. Anilkumar, P. Sabu, Amit sarkar, Melena A. Soares

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0026)
Indian Ocean Acidity, Variability and Trends
- Vinu Valsala*, Raghu Murtugudde, Yogesh Tiwari, Roxy Mathew Koll, Sabu. P., Anil Kumar

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0027)
Remote influence on monsoon low level Jet
- Jesbin George*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0028)
Reconstruction of Equatorial Indian Ocean surface climatology over the last 100 kyr from paired measurements of foraminiferal 18O and Mg/Ca ratios
- Mahesh B S*, V K Banakar

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-06-0029)
Spatial and temporal variability of the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone over the Holocene
- Birgit Gaye*, Tim Rixen, Anna Böll, Kay-Christian Emeis, V. Ramaswamy

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0019)
Impact of upwelling on viral dynamics in the upwelling areas off Alleppey, South West Coast of India
- Jasna V*, Parvathi A, Aparna S , Aswathy AJ

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0068)