Sessions wise agenda

1st December, 2015
Time (IST)
Session-07 (Circulation, climate variability and change)
Chair: Fangli Qiao
14:00-14:15Volume Transports of the Wyrtki Jets and Their Relation to the Indian Ocean Dipole
- Michael J McPhaden*, Wang Yi, M. Ravichandran

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0041)
14:15-14:30Recent advances in understanding the Indian Ocean variability: Contributions from the Indo-French collaborative network
- M. Lengaigne*, J. Vialard, I. Suresh, S. Neetu, VVSS Gopalakrishna, AS Unnikrishnan, VP Akhil, AVS Chaitanya, F. Durand, F. Papa

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0072)
14:30-14:45Multidecadal variability in the southwest Indian Ocean affecting southern African climate
- Yushi Morioka*, Francois Engelbrecht, Swadhin K. Behera

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0004)
14:45-15:00Connection of Sea Level Variability between the West Tropical Pacific and the South Indian Ocean during Recent Two Decades
- Yan DU*, Tianyu WANG

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0053)
15:00-15:15PDO, it's association with ENSO and teleconnections in the Indian Ocean
- A. G. Nidheesh*, Lengaigne M, Vialard J, Izumo T, A. S. Unnikrishnan

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0010)
15:15-15:30Indo-Pacific ENSO modes
- Claudia E. Wieners*, Wilhelmus P.M. de Ruijter, Henk A. Dijkstra

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0026)
15:30-16:00Tea Break
16:00-16:15Coupled El Nino/La Nina/Walker Circulation Interactions in the Indian Ocean
- David Halpern*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0011)
16:15-16:30An International Multi-Scale Observational-Modeling Study for the MJO-MISO Transition
- Raghu Murtugudde*, Lei Zhou, Dake Chen, Dake Chen, Vinu Valsala, M. K. Roxy, Harry Hendon, Subimal Ghosh, M. Ravichandran, M. Lengaigne, J. Vialard, Arnold Gordon, Kyla Drushka

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0002)
16:30-16:45Is there an effect of Bay of Bengal salinity on the Indian Ocean Climate?
- Vialard, J. *, Krishnamohan, K.S., Lengaigne, M., Masson, S., Samson, G., Durand, F., Shenoi, S.

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0038)
16:45-17:00Seaglider observations of equatorial Indian Ocean Rossby waves associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation
- Benjamin G.M. Webber*, Adrian J. Matthews, Karen J. Heywood, Jan Kaiser, Sunke Schmidtko

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0034)
17:00-17:15On the variability of sub-surface and deep-ocean currents and temperature in the Equatorial Indian Ocean during 2010-14
- Murty V.S.N.*, Suryanarayana A., Gayatri Vani D., Steeven Paul Y., Ganapathi P., Anjaneyulu C., Goankar M.G. , Satlekar N.P., Almedia Anselm M., Tari A.P.

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0020)
17:15-17:30Shift in MONSOON-SST teleconnections and how well ENSEMBLE climate models capture them
- maheswar pradhan*, Dr. Ramesh K. Yadav, D.A.Ramu, Dr. R.P.M. Krishna , Dr. A. Suryachandra Rao

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0047)
17:30-17:45Comparison and variability of low level jet during summer monsoon
- Dr. Pushpanjali Basavani*, Dr.K.P.R.Vittal Murty*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0065)
17:45-18:00Quantifying the upper level circulation in the southeast Indian Ocean
- Dr Helen E. Phillips*, Ms Viviane V. Menezes, Mr Earl R. Duran, Prof Nathaniel L. Bindoff

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0066)
12:30-13:15 & 18:00-18:30
Poster presentations
Influence of the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation in modulating the biennial relationship between Indian and Australian summer monsoons

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0001)
Role of Indian ocean on Indian northeast monsoon
- Ramesh Kumar Yadav*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0003)
Evidence for significant shifts in productivity and sea-ice regimes during late Quaternary in the Indian sector of Southern Ocean
- Meloth Thamban*, M. C. Manoj

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0005)
Drivers of Observed SST Changes Over the Indian Ocean
- Krishna AchutaRao*, Arulalan T

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0006)
Wave climatology and its variability in the North Indian Ocean based on measurements and ERA-Interim reanalysis data
- Anoop, T.R.*, Sanil Kumar V, Glejin Johnson

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0007)
Differential SST response in the North Indian Ocean and the controlling processes
- Joshua Rosario D'Mello*, S. Prasanna Kumar

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0008)
Coordinated international activities on the climate study of ocean-atmosphere interactions
- Lei Han*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0009)
Characterization of Air-Sea Interactions in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean: estimates and uncertainty
- Alejandra Sanchez-Franks*, Elizabeth Kent, Brian King

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0012)
Pathways of remotely-forced wind-driven sea level signals to the west coast of India at intraseasonal, seasonal and interannual timescales
- I. Suresh*, Vialard, J., Izumo, T., Lengaigne, M., Muraleedharan, P.M.

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0013)
Effect of Physico-chemical parameters on species biodiversity with special reference to phytoplankton from Ratnagiri, west coast of India
- Dr. Arvind Kulkarni *, Dr. Madhura Mukadam, Mr. Mahesh Naik

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0014)
Establishing an Agulhas System Climate Array
- Lisa Beal*, Juliet Hermes, Tammy Morris, Geert-Jan van Brummer, Shane Elipot, Mike Roberts

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0015)
Impact of El Nino-Southern Oscillation and Indian Ocean Dipole on interannual variability of dust activity over the northwestern Indian Ocean
- Priyanka Banerjee*, S. Prasanna Kumar

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0016)
Biophysical characteristics along the eastern Arabian Sea- A comparison between 2003 and 2013
- Jayu Narvekar*, S. Prasanna Kumar

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0017)
Downwelling Rossby wave with intense barrier layer precedes warming of the SEAS and interruption of warming of Arabian Sea Warm Pool by the high turbulent mixing.
- Ms Simi Mathew*, Dr. Usha Natesan, Dr. G. Latha, Dr. R. Venkatesan

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0018)
Triggering mechanism and dynamics of Yanai waves in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean
- Divya David T.*, S. Prasanna Kumar

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0021)

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0022)
- Shikha Singh*, Vinu Valsala

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0023)
Climatic variability of transport in the Antarctic Circumpolar current¿s upper layer from the ocean reanalysis ECMWF ORA-S3
- A.V. Fedirko*, Ju.V. Artamonov, E.A. Skripaleva

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0024)
The investigation of the influence of wind field seasonal variability on temperature fronts characteristics in the Indian Ocean
- Ju.V. Artamonov*, E.A. Skripaleva

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0025)
An Ocean Forecast System and Supporting Observation Projects
- Lei Zhou*, Chujin Liang, Junde Li

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0027)
River runoff effect on Tropical Indian Ocean Simulation using NEMO-AGRIF
- Umesh Kumar Singh*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0029)
Influence of Ganga-Brahmaputra discharge on the variability of salinity observed along the east coast of India
- A.V.S. Chaitanya*, M. Lengaigne, J. Vialard, V.V. Gopalakrishna, F. Durand, F. Papa, Ch. Kranthikumar

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0030)
The relationship between distributions of phytoplankton and marine aerosols in the Northern Indian Ocean: A remote-sensing-based study
- Muhammad Shafeeque*, Shubha Sathyendranath, Trevor Platt, Grinson George

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0031)
Climate variability and its repercussions on the zooplankton community of the Arabian Sea
- Kusum KK*, Vijayalakshmi R Nair, Vineetha G, Raveendran TV

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0032)
A shift in Indian Summer Monsoon Wind Circulation.
- Ms. Feba Francis*, Dr. Ashok Karumuri, Dr. Ravichandran, Prof.Raghu Murthugudde

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0033)
Decadal Sea Level Variations of the Indian Ocean since the 1950s: Roles of Climate Modes, Ocean Internal Variability and Stochastic Wind Forcing
- Weiqing Han*, Yuanlong Li

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0035)
Seasonal variability of southern Red Sea hydrographic characteristics
- Yellepeddi V.B. Sarma*, Susana Carvalho, Saskia Kurten, Burton H. Jones

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0036)
Interannual and intraseasonal Variability of Mixed Layer Depth in Tropical Indian Ocean
- Keerthi M G*, Matthieu Lengaigne, Jerome Vialard, Kyla Drushka, Clement de Boyer Montegut, Stephane Pous, Marina Levy, P M Muraleedharan

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0037)
A simple estimation of equatorial Pacific response from windstress to untangle Indian Ocean Dipole and Basin influences on El Niño
- Takeshi Izumo*, Jérôme Vialard, Hugo Dayan, I. Suresh

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0039)
Diversity of the Indian Ocean Dipole
- Tomoki Tozuka*, Satoru Endo, Chiho Tanizaki

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0040)
Mesoscale dynamics in the Western Indian Ocean with focus on the Southern Gyre
- Majambo Gamoyo*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0042)
Spectral analysis of ocean heat content of top layers of the north Indian Ocean
- MM Ali*, John Puzzello, S. Neetu, M. Suresh, Mark A. Bourassa

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0043)
Modelling the riverine freshwater transport in the Bay of Bengal
- Vimlesh Pant*, K. K. Sandeep, A. D. Rao, Arulalan T.

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0044)
Modulation of surface warming pattern of Tropical Indian Ocean by oceanic process - An OGCM study.
- Rahul S*, C Gnanaseelan

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0045)
Major changes in Indian Summer Monsoon circulation: Role of Indian Ocean
- Ankur Srivastava*, Dr. Rajib Chattopadhyay, Prof. B. N. Goswami, Dr. A. Suryachandra Rao

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0046)
Nearshore processes and surf zone hydrodynamics of an open bay at Vengurla, west coast of India
- Rasheed.K*, Kankara. R.S, Manikandan.M, Praveen.K.U, Noujas.V, SanilKumar.V

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0048)
Forcing mechanisms of Wyrtki jet
- Abhisek Chatterjee*, Prerna Singh, R. Murtugudde, M. Ravichandran, T. M. Balakrishnan Nair

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0049)
ENSO and the basin wide warming of the Indian Ocean
- Abish B*, Annalisa Cherchi , P.V. Joseph, Satyaban B. Ratna , Simona Masina

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0050)
Validation of Nearshore Wave Climate Using Numerical Model along South Maharastra, West Coast of India
- Praveenkhanna U*, Kanakara.R.S, Rasheed.K

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0051)
Longshore sediment transport estimation using a one line numerical model along Vengurla coast, South Maharashtra

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0052)
The tropical oceans - how they cause decadal changes in the relationship between the Indian and Australian summer monsoons
- Karumuri Ashok*, Ch. Nagaraju, Feba Francis, Alex Sengupta, Sivananda Pai

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0054)
The asymmetric influence of the positive and negative IOD events on China¿s rainfall
- Yun Qiu*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0055)
Decadal reversal of the North Indian Ocean sea level
- M. RAVICHANDRAN*, U. Srinivasu, Weiqing Han, Hasibur Rahman, S. Siva Reddy, Shailesh Nayak

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0056)
A triggering mechanism for the Indian Ocean Dipoles independent of ENSO
- Yue Fang*, Shuangwen Sun

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0057)
Hydrographic changes in the Bay of Bengal during the Holocene and last glacial maximum
- S. Masood Ahmad*, Tabish Raza, G. Suseela, waseem Raza

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0058)
Tropical Indian Ocean basin-wide warming: Local and remote impacts on summer rainfall
- Jasti S. Chowdary*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0059)
Equatorial Upwelling and nutrient utilisation in the northern Indian Ocean during the past 25ka
- Chandana K. R, Ravi Bhushan, A.J.T. Jull

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0060)
Late Neogene Variability in Eastern Indian Ocean circulation: Implications on tectonism in Indonesian seaway region
- Devesh K Sinha*, Ashutosh K Singh

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0062)
Long term variation of meteorological parameters at Maitri

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0063)
Northward migration of polar front in the Indian Ocean during Pleistocene: Planktic foraminiferal evidences
- Ashutosh K. Singh *, Devesh K Sinha

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0064)
A case study on impact of horizontal resolution on ocean model simulation
- Vihang Bhatt*, P N Vinayachandran

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0067)
Vulnerability and adaptation of Iranian coastal areas to climate change
- Hamid A. K. Lahijani*, Abdolmajid Naderi Beni

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0068)
Alkanes as proxies of terrestrial input and phytoplankton community during the last 300 kyr in the equatorial Indian Ocean sediments
- V.V.J. Gopala Krishna*, Rayaprolu Kiran, M.S.R. Krishna, M.G. Yadava, A. Mazumdar, B.G. Naik, Nittala S. Sarma*,

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0069)
Sea Surface Temperature Variability and Driving Factors in the Red Sea
- Vassilis P. Papadopoulos*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0070)
Role of Ocean Heat fluxes for Predicting Winter Precipitation over Northwest India
- M. M. Nageswara Rao*, U. C. Mohanty

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0071)
Low frequency oscillations of sea level in the western Indian Ocean
- Shigalla Mahongo*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0074)
Role of large scale surface circulation changes on the Tropical Indian Ocean warming
- C. Gnanaseelan*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0075)
Role of the Indian Ocean in the Recent Changing Imapct of El Nino on the Southern Hemisphere Climate
- Professor Jin-Yi YU*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0076)
Interannual variability of South Equatorial Current bifurcation along the Madagascar coast and its potential link with the tropical Pacific
- Yoko Yamagami*, Tomoki Tozuka

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0077)
Thermal thresholds for coral bleaching and sea surface temperature variability in the Lakshadweep Islands, Arabian Sea, southwest India
- Netramani Sagar*, S. Manju, Vaibhav Miglani

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0078)
An Observation-Based Assessment of Nonlinear Feedback Processes Associated with the Indian Ocean Dipole
- ChunSheng Jing*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0079)
Episodes of reduction in the Western Pacific Warm Pool during Quaternary and its implications on the Indian Ocean: Planktic foraminiferal evidences
- Vikram P Singh*, Ashutosh K Singh, Devesh K Sinha

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0080)
High frequency variability of the subtropical front during summer - a case study
- Nuncio Murukesh*, K. Satheesan, Jenson V. George, N. Anilkumar, Sourav Chatterjee

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0081)
Seasonal variability in the Oxygen Minimum Zone along the coastal rim of the Northern Indian Ocean
- K.Maneesha*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0082)
Analysis of tides using the observed long-term currents and temperature during the southwest monsoon season on the coast of Visakhapatnam
- Bharathi Doddi*, Dr.V.S.N.Murty

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0083)
Influence of Mixed Layer Depth on phytoplankton variability at Subtropical and Polar Front in the Indian Ocean sector of Southern Ocean
- Anilkumar. N*, Racheal Chacko, Sabu. P, Naik, R.K., Sarkar, A

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0084)
Wind Speed and Significant Wave Height Variability over Head Bay of Bengal
- Anindita Patra*, Prasad K Bhaskaran

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-07-0085)
- Sergey A. Piontkovski*, Bastien Y. Queste

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0001)
Does the Indian Ocean ecosystem fluctuate inside of one stable state or transform in some new alternative stable state?
- Dr. Nickolai Shadrin*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0007)
Sea Surface Temperature Fronts and Filaments in the Eastern Arabian Sea
- Kankan Sarkar*, S. G. Aparna*, P. Vipin

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0030)
Impact of Physical Processes on Marine Ecosystem Dynamics
- Chikka Kalyani Devasena*, Sharada M K, Swathi P S

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0065)