Sessions wise agenda

2nd December, 2015
Time (IST)
Session-08a (Recent Results from Early-Career Scientists in Indian Ocean Research)
Chair: Eric Raes
Vice-Chair: Aninda Mazuumdar
9:00-9:30Keynote Speaker: Arvind Singh
9:30-9:45Upwelling dynamics along the southern coast of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Dome
- Danielle Su*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-08-0002)
9:45-10:00Basin-wide oceanographic drivers of krill zoogeography in the Indian Ocean
- Alicia Sutton*, Lynnath E Beckley

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-08-0003)
10:00-10:15Marine biogeography studies in India: Review and future prospects
- Sanitha K Sivadas*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-08-0007)
10:15-10:30Epi-pelagic biogeography of calanoid copepods in the Western Indian Ocean
- Riaan B. Cedras*, Mark J. Gibbons

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-08-0025)