Sessions wise agenda

3rd December, 2015
Time (IST)
Session-09a (Ecosystem dynamics from microbes to fish)
Chair: Margareth Kyewalyanga
Vice-chair: Jenny Huggett
9:00-9:30The Planktonic Ecosystem off Masirah Island, Oman: baseline studies for climate change
- Sharon L. Smith*  [Keynote Speaker]

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0005)
9:30-9:45Surface phytoplankton in the Indian Ocean: comparing northern and Southern hemisphere communities
- Ravidas K. Naik*, Jenson George, Melena Soares, Anilkumar N

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0016)
9:45-10:00Optical classification of coastal waters of the northern Indian Ocean
- Monolisha S*, Trevor Platt, Shubha Sathyendranath, J. Jayasankar, Grinson George

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0026)
10:00-10:15Phytoplankton community adaptation in a cyclonic eddy in the Mozambique Basin
- T Lamont*

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0002)
10:15-10:30Cold-core eddies with shallow mixed layers improve the nutritional value of zooplankton for rock lobster larvae
- Anya Waite*, Eric J. Raes, Lynnath Beckley, Peter A. Thompson, Andrew Jeffs

Abstract Submission No: (IO50-09-0025)