Information Relevant to Oral Presentations & Uploading:

  1. Please prepare your presentation to be Windows compatible and plan to use the official Windows computers. There are no Mac systems available.
  2. Presentations will be shown using Powerpoint.
  3. You are strongly encouraged to have a pdf version as a backup if you have any doubts.
  4. Mr. Vijay Khedekar ( and Mr. Desmond Gracias ( will be the contact persons for collating and overseeing the presentations.
  5. The Windows PPT presentations should be uploaded as per the instructions in the attachment. (Click here for FTP Details).
  6. Wall clocks/timers/buzzers will be available for the benefit of presenters and Session Chairs who have been instructed to keep the session to time.
  7. Laser pointers will be available.
  8. A special help desk will be available at the venue, on Symposium days, for submitting ppt presentations through pendrives.

Information Relevant to Poster Presentations:

  1. Panels will be provided for putting up the posters in an enclosed area next to the auditorium.
  2. One panel will be available for one poster presenter.
  3. Each panel will be numbered according to the session/poster no for each day.
  4. Each poster can be upto A0 size (PORTRAIT).
  5. The organisers will provide double sided adhesive tapes for fixing the posters.
  6. Each presenter is expected to remove their poster at the end of the day or else it will be removed and kept aside.