Meeting on Indian Ocean Dynamics

Date & Time: 02nd December, 2015 (1400-1700 IST)

The meeting is organised to discuss about the observational and theoretical developments that brought in the new ideas on Indian Ocean dynamics. The meeting shall begin with seven short talks covering a spectrum of Indian-Ocean physics, particularly dynamics, and its applications to climate and biology. The final presentation will be a key note talk providing the overview and way forward on improving the understanding of the dynamics and physics of the Indian Ocean. The session will end with a short discussion of potential new research themes based on the preceding presentations. The attendance at the meeting is open to all.

Chair - Dr. Michael McPhaden, NOAA, USA

02nd December, 2015
Time (IST)
1400-1405 hrsIntroduction to the session
- Micheal McPhaden
1405-1430 hrsWhat did we learn about the coastal circulation around India since IIOE times?
- Satish Shetye
1430-1445 hrsIndian Ocean Physics and Climate
- Raghu Murtugudde
1445-1500 hrsIndian Ocean Physics and Climate
- Jerome Vialard
1500-1515 hrsIndian Ocean Physics and Biology
- P.N. Vinayachandran
1515-1530 hrsIndian Ocean Physics and Biology
- Raleigh Hood
1530-1545 hrsIndian Ocean dynamics
- Weiqing Han
1545-1600 hrsIndian Ocean dynamics
- D. Shankar
1600-1630 hrsOverview and the future of IO physics research
- Julian McCreary
1630-1700 hrsDiscussion