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12022ESSO-INCOIS-OMARS-TR-04(2022)Thirumal Banoth, Vijay Pottapinjara, Anuradha Modi, Sudheer Joseph, T M Balakrishnan Nair, Yogendra Rohilla, Arun Singh, and T Srinivasa Kumar
Development of Search and Rescue Aid Tool-Integrated (SARAT-I) to simulate the probable drift area of a missing aircraft at sea
22022ESSO-INCOIS-ODM-TR-02(2022)N Kameshwari Nunna, TVS Udaya Bhaskar, B.V. Satyanarayana (2022) INCOIS-Real time Automatic Weather Station(IRAWS) dataset ? Enhanced Quality control procedure Open
32022ESSO-INCOIS-OSAR-TR-03(2022) Nimit Kumar, Jyoti Nayak, Nagaraja Kumar M, Srinivasa Kumar T, Sudheer Joseph and T. M. Balakrishnan Nair
Roadmap for Mariculture Advisory Service in India: A Geospatial Modelling Approach
42022ESSO-INCOIS-ARO-OSAR-TR-01(2022)R. Harikumar, K. Srinivas, M. Sourav, Nimit Kumar, B. Ajay Kumar, R.S. Mahendra, M.V. Sunanda, Sudheer Joseph, T.M. Balakrishnan Nair, T. Srinivasa Kumar (2022) On the INCOIS Integrated User Interaction Workshop-22 on 2/2/2022 & User Engagement, Analysis of Feedback and Further Requirements for the Improvement, Refinement and Expansion of the entire INCOIS Services Restricted
52020ESSO-INCOIS-ODG-TPG-TR-02(2020)R Venkat Shesu, TVS Udaya Bhaskar, E Pattabhi Rama Rao(2020)
Quality Control if in situ T/S data using a convex hulls
62020ESSO-INCOIS-TPG-TR-01(2020)Ravi Kumar, Jha and Udaya Bhaskar, T.V.S. (2020) Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis (DIVA) Method for the Generation of Argo Data Gridded Products. Open
72020ESSO-INCOIS-MDA-TR-04(2020)Francis P. A., T.Srinivasa Kumar, Sudheer Joseph, Hasibur Rahman, T.V.S. Udaya Bhaskar, T. M. Balakrishnan Nair, Pattabhi E. Rama Rao, Satyanarayana B. V., Abhisek Chatterjee, Kunal Chakraborty, Arya Paul, P. L. N. Murty, Ch Patanjali Kumar
A Roadmap for Unified Ocean Modeling and Forecasting system
82020ESSO-INCOIS-ODG-TPG-TR-02(2020)R Venkat Shesu, TVS Udaya Bhaskar, E Pattabhi Rama Rao, M. Ravichandran, B. Venkateswara Rao
Quality Control of in situ T/S data using α convex hulls
92019ESSO-INCOIS-TPG-TR-02(2019)Pavan kumar, J and Udaya Bhaskar, TVS (2019) SoVeAt: a tool for visualizing sound velocity data for Naval applications Open
102019ESSO-INCOIS-ODG-TR-03(2019)Kameshwari N., Venkat Shesu, R., Pasha Md A., Jyothi, K., Suprit, K., Rama Rao, E.P., Udaya Bhaskar, T.V.S., Jampana V. (2019) INCOIS-Real time Automatic Weather Station(IRAWS) dataset - Quality control and significance of height correction. Open
112018ESSO-INCOIS-ODG-TPG-TR-04(2018)Kameshwari Nunna, TVS Uday Bhaskar, E Pattabhi Rama Rao (2018) Marine Meteorological Atlas of Tropical Indian Ocean - Fluxes and Observational error analysis Open
122018ESSO-INCOIS-CSG-TR-01 (2018)Sudheer Joseph, Srinivasu U.,Vijay P. , Aswanth Srinivasan & Siva Reddy S(2018) A Report on implementation of operational Global and Indian Ocean HYCOM at INCOIS. Open
132018ESSO-INCOIS-CSG-TR-02 (2018)B. Ajay Kumar, M.V. Sunanda, Ch. Patanjali Kumar, J.Padmanabham, E. Pattabhi Rama Rao and S.S.C. Shenoi (2018) Assessment of Tsunami Preparedness in East Coast of India through Mega Mock Tsunami Drill conducted on 24 November 2017 Open
142018ESSO-INCOIS-CSG-TR-03 (2018) Balaji B., Deep Sankar Banerjee, Biswamoy Paul, S. Sivareddy,P.A.Francis,Abhishek Chatterjee and Arya Paul(2018) LETKF-ROMS: An improved predictability system for the Indian Ocean Open
152017ESSO-INCOIS-ISG-TR-01(2017)Jithin, AK ; Francis, PA ; Chatterjee, A ; Suprit, K ; Fernando, V (2017) Validation of the simulations by the High-resolution Operational Ocean Forecast and reanalysis System (HOOFS) for the Bay of Bengal Open
162017ESSO-INCOIS-ISG-MOG-TR-03 (2017)S.J.Prasad*, T.M.Balakrishnan Nair, Hasibur Rahaman, Sudheer Joseph & G.Yatin Open
172017ESSO-INCOIS-DMG-TR-02(2017)J Pavan Kumar, N Kameshwari, TVS Udaya Bhaskar,E Pattabhi Rama Rao Open
182016ESSO-INCOIS-ASG-TR-08 (2016)Ajay Kumar, B ; Uma Devi, E; Sunanda, M V ; Patanjali Kumar, CH ; Padmanabham, J ; Kiran Kumar, N ; Srinivasa Kumar, T (2016) Assessment of Tsunami Preparedness in East Coast of India through Mock drill conducted on 26 September, 2015 Open
192016ESSO-INCOIS-ASG-TR-07 (2016)Dwivedi, R ; Priyaja, P ; Baliarsingh, SK ; Srinivasa Kumar, T ; Shenoi, SSC (2016) Basin-scale retrieval of zooplankton using split algorithm and MODIS data in the Arabian Sea Open
202016ESSO-INCOIS-DMG-TR-10 (2016)Kameshwari N ; Uday Bhaskar TVS ; Suprit K ; Rama Rao E.P. (2016) Marine Meteorological Atlas of Tropical Indian Ocean Open
212016ESSO-INCOIS-ASG-TR-11(2016)Dwivedi, R ; Baliarsingh, SK ; Lotliker, AA ; Srinivasa Kumar, T ; Shenoi, SSC (2016) An optical approach for synoptic monitoring of red Noctiluca scintillans bloom and its associates from space Open
222016ESSO-INCOIS-MOG-TR-12 (2016)RUVN Satish ; M Vivekanda Swamy; TVS, Udaya Bhaskar; MS Girishkumar(2016) Android App for Argo Floats Open
232016ESSO-INCOIS-ASG-TR-09 (2016)Rose P, Bright ; Swetha, N ; Baliarsingh, SK ; Nimit, K ; Nagaraja Kumar, M ; Srinivasa Kumar, T ; Dwivedi, R ; Shenoi, SSC (2016) Following tagged Yellowfin tuna along the east coast of India explains its feeding behavior: a case study in the Bay of Bengal Open
242016ESSO-INCOIS-ASG-TR-01(2016)Padmanabham, J. ; Naga Swetha ; Krishna Prasad, B. ; Venu Gopal Rao V. ; Nagaraja Kumar, M. (2016) Dissemination of Tsunami Early Warning, alerts and other services of INCOIS using IRNSS Restricted
252016ESSO-INCOIS-DMG-TR-03 (2016)Udaya Bhaskar, TVS ; Shesu, RV ; Boyer, Timothy P ; Rama Rao, EP (2016) Argo data quality control based on climatological convex hulls Open
262016ESSO-INCOIS-ASG-TR-04 (2016)Dwivedi, R ; Lotlikar, AA ; Kumar, TS ; Shenoi, SSC (2016) Study of spatial-temporal variations in the green Noctiluca scintillans ; diatom blooms in the Arabian Sea using MODIS data Open
272016ESSO-INCOIS-ASG-TR-06 (2016)Lotliker, AA ; Baliarsingh, SK ; Srinivasa Kumar, T (2016) Satellite Coastal and Oceanographic Research Inter-comparison Exercise (SICOME) Open
282015ESSO-INCOIS-MOG-TR-01(2015)Shivaprasad S.; Dinesh K.; Ashok Kumar ; Ravichandran M (2015) Acquisition of High Resolution Upper Ocean Spatial Thermo-haline Structure by Underway Conductivity Temperature and Depth (UCTD) System in the Bay of Bengal Open
292015ESSO-INCOIS-ASG-TR-02(2015)Nimit Kumar; Nagaraja Kumar M; Naga Swetha; Jyoti Nayak; Rose P Bright; Srinivasa Kumar T (2015) Utility of Sea Surface Height anomaly (SSHa) in determination of Potential Fishing Zones Open
302014ESSO-INCOIS-MOG-TR-2014- 01Satish, R.U.V.N.; Udaya Bhaskar, T.V.S.; Ravichandran, M.; Suresh Kumar, N. (2014) On the possible use of satellite fixed position for Argo profiles in case of GPS failures Open
312012INCOIS-ISG-OSF-TR-2012-07R. Harikumar; T.M. Balakrishnan Nair ; S.S.C. Shenoi (2012) Project report on the Consultancy service for identification of wind potential zones in western offshore field of ONGC Restricted
322012ESSO-INCOIS-MOG-TR-2012- 03Joseph, S.; Ravichandran, M. (2012) Validation of 0.25o x 0.25o Indian Ocean HYCOM Open
332012INCOIS-ISG-OSF-TR-2012-09T.M. Balakrishnan Nair; P. Sirisha; L. Sabique; R Harikumar; K. Srinivas ; Rakhi Kumari (2012) Project report on the Preparation of Coastal modeling data for Director General-Project Varsha Restricted
342012INCOIS-DMG-TR-2012-07Udaya Bhaskar, T.V.S.; Rama Rao, E.P.; Venkat Shesu, R.; Devender, R. (2012) A three way semi-automated approach quality control of Argo temperature and salinity profiles Open
352011ESSO- INCOIS-MOG-TR-2011-06Ravichandran, M.; Behringer, D.; Siva Reddy, S.; Girishkumar, M. S.; Neethu Chacko; Harikumar, R. (2011) INCOIS-GODAS-MOM: Ocean Analysis for the Indian Ocean: Configuration, Validation ; Product Dissemination Open
362011INCOIS-ASG-TR-2011-05Sunanda MV; Srinivasa Kumar, T.; B. Ajay Kumar Ch. Patanjali Kumar; R.S. Mahendra; E. Uma Devi; M. Raghavendra; J. Padmanabham; N. Kiran Kumar; S.A. Kishore (2011) Regional Tsunami Advisory Services Provider (RTSP) services of Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre Open
372011INCOIS-DMG-TR-2011-01G Geetha; Udaya Bhaskar, TVS; Rama Rao, E.P. (2011) Argo data ; products for the Indian Ocean Open
382011INCOIS-ASG-TR-2011-04B. Ajay Kumar, Srinivasa Kumar, T.; Sunanda M.V, Ch. Patanjali Kumar; R.S. Mahendra; E. Uma Devi; M. Raghavendra; J. Padmanabham; N. Kiran Kumar; S.A. Kishore (2011) National Tsunami Warning Centre (NTWC) services of the Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre Open
392011INCOIS-DMG-TR-2011-03Chiranjivi Jayaram; Venkat Shesu R; Rama Rao EP; Udaya Bhaskar T.V.S ; Sridevi Tiwari (2011) Delayed Mode Quality Control procedures for Moored Buoys in the Indian Seas Open
402011ESSO-INCOIS-MOG&ISG-TR-2011- 07Harikumar, R.; Sabique, L.; Balakrishnan Nair, T.M., Shenoi, S.S.C ,(2011) Report on the assessment of wind energy potential along the Indian coast for offshore wind farm advisories Restricted
412010INCOIS-MOG&ISG-OSF-TR-2010-01Harikumar R. ; Sabique L.; Balakrishnan Nair T.M ;S.S.C. Shenoi (2010) A preliminary report on the potential of winds along the Indian coast for offshore wind farming Restricted
422010INCOIS-ISG-TR-2010-02Sandhya KG; TM Balakrishnan Nair; Pranjib Boruah; L Sabique (2010) Investigation of wave conditions near the Andaman & Nicobar Islands for demarcation of Inland Vessel Limits Restricted
432009INCOIS-DMG-ATLAS-02-2009Udaya Bhaskar, T V S; M. Ravichandran ; Rama Rao, E P (2009) Mixed layer depth climatology for the Indian Ocean based on ARGO observations Open
442009INCOIS-MOG-TR-01-2009Sudheer Joseph ; M. Ravichandran (2009) Delayed Mode Quality control of Indian Argo Floats Open
452009INCOIS-ISG-TR-02-2009Sandhya K G; Balakrishnan Nair. T.M.; Annapurnaih K; Pranjib Boruah; Rakhi Kumari; Sirisha,.P (2009) Report on Wave climate along the Maharashtra coast - prepared for Maharashtra Maritime Board Restricted
462009INCOIS-DMG-CPR-01-2009Report on Average Significant Wave Height off Mumbai Restricted
472009INCOIS-ISG-TR-01-2009Annapurnaih, K.; Sandhya K G; Balakrishnan Nair. T.M., ; Pranjib Boruah (2009) Demarcation of inland vessel?s limit off Gujarat Port region Restricted
482008INCOIS-ISG-OSF-TR-02-2008Balakrishnan Nair, T. M.; Annapurnaih K; Sandya K. G; Kali Prasad; Rakhi Kumari; Shailesh Nayak (2008) Report on Wave/Wind Categorization of Bhogat on Arabian Sea Coast Restricted
492008INCOIS-DMG-DM-TR-01-2008Ocean Data and Information System Restricted
502008INCOIS-MOG-ARGO-TR-03-2008Anitha Gera; Ravichandran M (2008) Indian Argo Trajectories and Surface Currents Open
512007INCOIS-ISG-OSF-TR-01-2007Satyabana Das; Balakrishnan Nair, T.M.; Dilip Kumar; Shailesh Nayak (2007) Validation of the Ocean state Forecast Disseminated from INCOIS, Hyderabad (2007) Open
522007INCOIS-MOG-ARGO-TR-03-2007TVS Udaya Bhaskar ; R Devender ; M. Ravichandran (2007) Technical report on ARGO Data Processing Open
532007INCOIS-MOG-ARGO-TR-04-2007TVS Udaya Bhaskar, M. Ravichandran; R Devender (2007) An operational Objective Analysis system at INCOIS for generation of Argo Value Added Products (2007) Open
542007INCOIS-ASG-PFZ-TR-08-2007Srinivasa Kumar T., Nagaraja Kumar M., Padmaja, Naga Swetha, Nayak S.,Mane.U. H., Subramanian. S., Radhakrishnan. K. V., Narayana Pillai. V., Anil Kumar. N.C., Nammalwar Rajan. P., Gopala Reddy. K. and Kumar. P (2007) Validation of Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) Advisories (2006-2007) Open
552007INCOIS-MOG-ARGO-TR-02-2007Sudheer Joseph; M. Ravichandran (2007) Indian Argo Project - Oxygen Floats: Part-A: Matlab software for Data decoding & Dissemination, Part-B: The Data Comparison with Climatology Open